Friday, September 7, 2012

Yuvraj - Inspiring generations

Yuvraj Singh was a promising youngster 15 years ago.

He was future of Indian cricket 10 years ago.

Match winner for india until 1.5 years ago.


Shocking newss !!  not only for him, for his family, for all of us.

He saved indian cricket team in many matches,  from no where.

He had to fight with destiny. he had to fight with pain. he had to fight with himself.

He Fought. He won. AND


He is back to serve the nation. He is back into Indian t20 team.

But at this moment, doesnt matter if he scores runs in this match or not. What matters is, his entry into the packed stadium. I m sure it will be an inspiring and touching moment.

His story is definetely going to keep inspiring generations after generations.

Hats off Yuvi.

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